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"Yonah Play for the Arts?" Tournament - June 17, 2017 

 Trumpet Danny 5 2017 tourn

Winners 5 2017 tourn

Laurie Lynell 5 2017 tourn 2

 Dancing 5 2017 tourn

2017 Yonah Play? Spring Classic Tournament - May 5-7, 2017

IMG 2227 3 

 IMG 2198 1
 IMG 2207 2
IMG 2199 1
Dylan play 2017 tourn

IMG 2237 2 

IMG 2238 2

Cindy Rosa Spring 2017 tourn

Ralph Alice 2017 tourn

Charlie Sweet 2017 tourn

Chuck 2017 tourn

Jewell Dana Maddie 2017 tourn

Jewell Mike Betty Nick 2017 tourn

Linda Debbie 2017 tourn


Pat 2017 tourn

Pat dbl 2017 tourn

Pat mixed dble 2017 tourn

Rudy 2017 tournRoy 2017 tourn

Russ and Dylan 2017 tourn

Russ Dylan Nick Nicky 2017 tourn




 Pickleball Blairsville  
 Pickleball Alice Betty



 Evans family


Nick NickyOutside courts with peoplePickleball ladies 2Linda and PattersonRuss on the move